Jessica Lopez

Jessica is wearing Chantelle!

Many celebrities are wearing Lingerie by Jessica. Some may be a bit easier to spot than others. Some may be seen if you happen to glance at an opportune moment.
Jessica's business has grown rapidly with a large base of reoccuring customers and with an exclusive clientele through her many
contacts in the entertainment industry.

A short list of celebrities that wear some of the fine lingerie sold by Lingerie by Jessica:
  • Jillian Barberi - Fox News L.A. / Extreme Dating
  • Katerine Zeta-Jones - Actress
  • Faith Hill - Singer
  • Jennifer Love Hewitt - Actress
  • Aylyssa Milano - Actress
  • Marisa Tomei - Actress
  • Drew Barrymore - Actress
  • Candace Bergen - Actress
  • Melanie Griffith - Actress
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